How to Accelerate Sales Processes in the Insurance Industry?

Maciej Wir-Konas
March 25, 2024

Gone are the days when people viewed insurance as a simple "maybe someday" purchase.  Recent years, marked by unforeseen events like the global pandemic and economic fluctuations, have driven home the essential role of financial security.  Consumers are actively seeking insurance solutions, but a gap exists between their needs and the industry's current approach. Increasing insurance sales in an already competitive market may prove to be a tall task for insurance agents and the whole industry.

This article tackles the critical issue of sales acceleration in the insurance industry. We'll explore the challenges that often lead to sluggish sales cycle and unveil effective strategies to overcome them. By embracing these tactics, insurance business professionals can bridge the gap with potential customers and unlock a new era of growth.

Get ready to learn how to transform your sales approach from reactive to proactive, empowering you to meet the evolving needs of today's insurance consumers.

Why Quickness Matters in Insurance Sales Process?

Positive customer experience is key in achieving overall satisfaction, which leads to higher loyalty and customer retention. Among positive customer testimonials, speed in which things are handled, matters the most to keep clients happy and maximize sales.

A study by Jae Baer, "The Time To Win" shows that:

  • 2/3 of customers say SPEED is as important as PRICE.
  • 50% of customers are less likely to spend money with a business that takes longer to respond than they expect.
  • 53% of consumers hired the first business that responded to them, even if it was not the cheapest option.
  • research found that customers would pay an average of 19% more for “always immediate service”,
  • 27% of customers are more likely to spend money when the brand responds faster than expected.

What's more, according to Bain & Company, positive experience can provide your company with a 4% to 8% revenue growth.

Meanwhile, negative experience makes 50% of customers leave.

Up to 50% of sales go to the first sales representative to reach out to a prospect. Furthermore, about 30% of customers switch insurance providers, emphasizing the need for speed in customer engagement to retain business.

Effective sales pipeline management involves treating each lead as an individual and maintaining meticulous records to better address their needs and preferences. Recognizing sales-ready leads and prioritizing them can significantly affect the overall cash flow of the business. Additionally, the use of digital systems like CRM can streamline the sales process, allowing for quicker and more efficient deal closures​.

The McKinsey Global Insurance Report 2023 highlights the shifting sources of value in the insurance industry, noting the importance of investment alpha and the strategic considerations insurers must make regarding product offerings and market expansion. This dynamic environment further underscores the need for insurers to be agile and responsive, both in terms of product development and customer engagement.

Rising Expectations for Speed and Accuracy

Customers now expect quick responses to inquiries and fast processing of insurance claims. The speed of service delivery significantly impacts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

PwC discusses the future of insurance, highlighting the need for insurers to adapt to rapidly evolving customer expectations and preferences, as well as the importance of trust and societal purpose in the industry. The report suggests that insurers must harness momentum to reassess their future and reimagine their place in the world. They should focus on meeting the challenges posed by macroeconomic fallout, environmental, social, and governance issues, and workforce-related challenges.

Demand for Personalized Offers

Not only do consumers expect quick service – it's also supposed to be personalized.

Offer personalization is feasible, but in the current state of affairs, it slows down the whole insurances sales process.

EY emphasizes the importance of hyper-personalization in the insurance industry. Insurers have the opportunity to engage customers more effectively by leveraging data and analytics to offer personalized, contextual interactions across various touchpoints, including sales, marketing, underwriting, servicing, and claims. 

This approach involves a comprehensive digital transformation of the customer journey, enabling insurers to meet the evolving demands for compassion, convenience, and trust in a digital world

Preference for Self-Service Options

In the digital age, there is a growing preference for self-service capabilities that allow customers to manage policies, file claims, and make payments online without direct interaction with company representatives. 

McKinsey points out the importance of digital self-service platforms in enhancing customer engagement and operational efficiency.

Benefits of Implementing Modern Insurance Sales Solutions

As Deloitte's "Global Insurance Outlook" report states that: "Modernizing systems can potentially facilitate the use of alternative data sources for faster application underwriting and processing, more seamless cross-selling and customer personalization and ease of engagement, as well as rapid new-product launches".

These benefits translate to a significant competitive edge:

  • Faster Sales Cycles – Quicker quotes, streamlined applications, and automated processing lead to faster sales cycles, allowing companies to capture more leads and close deals sooner.
  • Improved Customer Experience – Speedier service and personalized offerings enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Reduced Operational Costs – Automation and online processes reduce manual workloads and associated costs.

So now it's not about whether is it worth it to have modern insurance sales solutions implemented. It's about whether your organization can afford not to.

Decerto Agent Portal Sales Module – Increase Insurance Sales Numbers

The Decerto Agent Portal Sales Module is designed to directly impact and boost sales numbers within an insurance company through a variety of strategic and operational enhancements. Here’s how it can drive sales growth.

Personalized Insurance Offers

By analyzing customer data, the Sales Module enables the creation of personalized insurance offers based on client's history of purchase, coverage, payments and so on. 

Efficient Lead Management

The module streamlines the process of managing leads, ensuring that potential customers are engaged promptly and effectively. By prioritizing high-value leads and automating follow-ups, it increases the chances of conversion.

Data-Driven Insights for Sales Strategy

Utilizing advanced analytics, the Sales Module provides valuable insights into sales performance and customer behavior. This data can be used to refine sales strategies, optimize product offerings, and identify new market opportunities.

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Opportunities

With a comprehensive view of each customer's portfolio, the module identifies opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling, promoting the sale of additional policies or coverage to existing customers. This boosts sales and also improves the overall customer experience by ensuring they are fully protected.

Automated Sales Processes

By automating routine sales tasks, the Sales Module allows sales teams to focus on more strategic activities that require a personal touch. This efficiency gain increases sales capacity and at the same time reduces the likelihood of human error, enhancing the overall sales process.

Enhanced Customer Relationship Management

The module includes features that facilitate better communication and relationship management with clients. Through timely and relevant interactions, it helps maintain a positive relationship, increasing customer loyalty and the potential for future sales.

Improved Sales Training and Support

By providing access to sales materials, product information, and training resources, the Sales Module ensures that sales agents are well-equipped to handle customer inquiries and present offers effectively. This readiness directly translates into higher sales numbers.

Market Responsiveness

The flexibility of the Sales Module allows insurance companies to quickly adapt to market changes and customer needs. This agility is critical in a competitive landscape, enabling insurers to stay ahead and capitalize on emerging trends.


To boost sales in the competitive insurance industry, it's essential to focus on speed, personalization, and self-service options. Quick responses and fast claims processing enhance customer satisfaction, increasing loyalty and retention. Personalizing offers with data analytics meets consumer expectations for tailored services. Additionally, offering self-service capabilities via digital platforms caters to the modern customer's preference for managing their insurance needs online efficiently. 

Implementing solutions like Decerto's software can streamline these processes, facilitating rapid, personalized interactions and enabling self-service options, thereby accelerating sales and improving customer engagement in the insurance sector.

We believe that with Decerto Agent Portal Sales Module your agents will provide exceptional customer service.

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