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We help insurance industry meet their objectives to implement insurance software that automate work of insurance agents and contribute to sales growth.
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We are committed to building lasting relationships with clients from insurance industry that will allow us to better understand their needs and adapt our insurance solutions and insurance software to their evolving business goals.
We build insurance software for scalability & efficiency
From the start of the design process, our insurance software are built to handle large volumes of operations and data. Our highly efficient products for the insurance services industry are understandable, flexible, efficient and easy for you to manage.
Truth at the core solutions for insurance
No hidden costs, no false promises. We believe that truthfulness is the foundation of any successful relationship. Our trusted partners come back knowing they can rely on our transparent insights, guaranteeing a future without unexpected twists.
Elevate Your Insurance Sales Journey:

Introducing Agent Portal - Your Insurance Software

Sales Module
Provides all the functionalities needed to propel your sales process forward from customizing insurance offer, lead management, automatic notifications, to concluding contracts.
360 Agent & Customer View
Streamlines interactions with agents and delivers all up-to-date customer information from different sources.
Sales Dashboards Module
Gives a comprehensive overview of sales performance on real-time data.
Post-Sales Customer Service
Improve your customer experience and client relationships. This module includes tools for post-sale services including amendments, endorsements, policy cancellation, claims management and other processes.
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Decerto builds the insurance software that lies at the heart of your business: systems for transaction processing, logistics, insurance CRM, and more. We write programs for top global banks and insurers, including our flagship product Higson, and we provide IT outsourcing services to companies from every industry.
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Referrences & Testimonials
Andy Moss
Co-Founder & CEO of Send Technology Solutions
We’ve known the team at Decerto for many years and they have been instrumental in supporting us with valuable resources to develop and deliver our Underwriting Workbench. They have deep knowledge of the insurance market coupled with technical excellence. I highly recommend that insurers and insurtechs seek them out.
Monika Muszyńska
Operational Director of Warta (Talanx Group)
Their flexible approach to problem-solving under challenging conditions was impressive. Decerto's delivered solution was praised by external stakeholders. Cooperative and responsive, the team enabled a smooth project workflow. With their phenomenal support, many third-party clients transact using the company's portal.​
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asked questions
What are Decerto's insurance solutions and what products do they offer?
Decerto's insurance solutions encompass a wide range of products designed to support various aspects of insurance operations. Our main product is the Agent Portal (insurance CRM for insurance agents), featuring modules such as Sales, Sales Dashboards, Post-sale & Claims Services, and Commission & Billing. Each module is designed to streamline specific processes and enhance operational efficiency for insurers.
What benefits do Decerto's insurance software bring to insurance companies?
Our insurance software offer numerous benefits, including process automation, increased operational efficiency, improved customer relationship management, quick report generation, better data management, and integration with existing systems in one place. With our insurance software, insurers can focus on more strategic activities and enhance customer satisfaction.
What are the technical requirements for implementing Decerto's insurance solutions?
The technical requirements for implementing our insurance solutions depend on the specific products and the company's needs. Generally, implementing our insurance software requires appropriate technical infrastructure, including servers and databases. The detailed technical requirements are tailored individually to each insurance company's needs.
What is the implementation process for Decerto's insurance solutions?
The implementation process for our insurance solutions involves several stages: client needs analysis, technical infrastructure preparation, insurance system configuration and customization, insurance data migration, user training, system testing, and full deployment. Our team of experts supports insurance organizations at every stage to ensure a successful implementation.
Are Decerto's insurance solutions available on mobile devices?
Yes, our insurance solutions are available on various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones.
What are the costs of using Decerto's insurance solutions?
The costs of using our insurance solutions depend on several factors, such as the number of users, the scope of functions, and specific integration requirements. Please contact our sales team to obtain a detailed quote and learn more about our pricing plans.
Do you offer technical support after the implementation of insurance solutions?
Yes, we provide full technical support after the implementation of our insurance solutions. Our technical support team ensures insurance system updates and maintenance to ensure its optimal performance.
What automation features do insurance solutions offer?
The costs of using the insurance software depend on several factors, such as the number of users, the range of features, and specific integration requirements. Please contact our sales team for a detailed quote and to learn more about our pricing plans.
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