Insurance Software: 360
Agent View Module

Our insurance software streamlines interactions with insurance agents by providing all their data, communication tools and solutions supporting their insurance sales process.
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Key business

A coherent overview of insurance clients' portfolios
Maintaining customer loyalty
Convenient leads capabilities by insurance company
Efficient insurance agency management in insurance industry

Give your Insurance agents an
overview of clients’ portfolio

Overview of customers' portfolio
The insurance software provides contextual awareness and visual summaries of clients' information from different systems, e.g., number of policies to be renewed, anniversaries of life policies, new claims, etc.
Our insurance software can be configured to automatically send alerts or e-mail notifications in specific situations, such as upcoming renewal dates, late payments, or the registration of claims.
Data access is facilitated by advanced filtering and searching functionalities that help insurance agent in finding required information.
Support The Renewals Management Process In Your Insurance Company
The insurance software assists your insurance agents in clients retention management.
Our insurance software offers many features designed to retain customers and encourage their return, including automatic e-mails and SMS, as well as notifications and reminders for insurance professionals.
Automatic emails and sms

Make leads management
more convenient

Streamlining leads management
The insurance software provides tools to efficiently capture, track, and convert leads, allowing for increased sales.
Our insurance software facilitates generating newsletters and e-mail or SMS campaigns.
Support agency management In Insurance Industry
Our insurance software is designed to aid insurance agency sales, as it provides a comprehensive view at this level.
It is easy to configure the hierarchy and permissions so that cooperating insurance agents can access their colleagues' data and supervisors can track overall performance and manage tasks efficiently.
Manage insurance agents

This is one of the many modules
you can implement within our powerful Insurance Software Agent Portal

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Customer View Module
Deliver all up-to-date customer’s information
Discover our 360
Agent View Module
Manage clients’ portfolio effectively
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Dashboards Module
Follow the sales results of your insurance brokers


High level of security
Application running in the Amazon Web Service
Access from any device
Multilingual, customizable interface
Protection against intrusion
asked questions
What is 360 Agent View and what benefits does it bring to insurance agents?
Our insurance software is an advanced tool that provides insurance agents with comprehensive insight into customer information, policies, and sales processes. The benefits of using 360 Agent View include increased work efficiency, better management of customer relationships, automation of daily tasks, and easier access to key data in real-time.
What are the main features of 360 Agent View?
Agent View offers a range of features, including comprehensive customer and policy history view, management of sales and post-sales processes, automation of daily tasks, generation of sales reports and data analysis, seamless integration with other insurance systems and intuitive interface.
Can 360 Agent View be integrated with other insurance systems?
Yes, Agent View is designed to easily integrate with other insurance systems, such as Policy Administration Systems (PAS), CRM systems, and other tools used in insurance organizations.
What are the technical requirements for implementing 360 Agent View?
Implementing our insurance software requires the appropriate technical infrastructure, including servers, databases, and suitable software for integration with existing systems. The specific technical requirements are tailored individually to meet the needs of each company.
What does the 360 Agent View implementation process look like?
Our insurance software implementation process includes several stages: needs analysis, technical infrastructure preparation, system configuration and customization, insurance data migration, user training, system testing, and full deployment. Our team of experts supports clients at every stage to ensure a successful implementation.
Is 360 Agent View available on mobile devices?
Yes, our insurance software is available on various devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones. The mobile app allows insurance agents to access all insurance system features anytime and anywhere, increasing their efficiency and flexibility.
What are the costs of using 360 Agent View Module?
The costs of using insurance software depend on several factors, such as the number of users, the scope of features, and specific integration requirements. Please contact our sales team to get a detailed quote and learn more about our pricing plans.
Do you offer technical support after the implementation of 360 Agent View?
Yes, we provide full technical support after the implementation of our insurance software. Our technical support team is available to help resolve issues, answer questions, and provide insurance system updates and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.
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