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Decerto builds the software that lies at the heart of your business: systems for transaction processing, logistics, CRM, and more. We write programs for top global banks and insurers, including our flagship product Hyperon, and we provide IT outsourcing services to companies from every industry.
for business
Sales agent portals,
pricing engines and more
rules engine
Faster, simpler maintenance
of your business applications
From individual programmers to
turnkey project management
62 times faster
than Drools
Just another feature from the endless
list of the Hyperon's capabilities
Why Decerto
We understand
your business
We’ve been working with some of the world’s top financial institutions for more than a decade, and we’ve also built systems for industries from telecoms through gaming to satellite TV. We know the insurance business inside and out, and we’ll take the time to learn your business too. Our broad range of knowledge and skills in business and engineering lets us write programs that work in the real world.
We’re set up
to handle
We build and maintain the core systems that our clients in the financial industry use to handle millions of transactions every day. We know how to manage large teams, master complex architecture and handle high volumes of business processes. And we have experience in merging companies’ IT systems after acquisitions, migrating large structures and large quantities of data.
We build
for scalability
& efficiency
From the start of the design process, our systems are built to handle large volumes of operations. Our highly efficient products for the financial services industry include complex pricing algorithms that are understandable, flexible, efficient and easy for you to manage. We’ve built lots of them. And we’ve optimized a lot more.
We’re in it
for the long
Since we set up Decerto in 2006, we’ve been growing at a steady pace. We choose our projects carefully, aiming for stable development. Our headcount has grown organically, without wild fluctuations. And that approach has paid off: some of our clients have been with us for more than 10 years.
We tell it
like it
Our philosophy of client relations is built on sincerity: no hidden costs, no inflation of our capabilities, no unrealistic deadlines, no minimizing risk. We don’t tell potential clients what they want to hear: our long-term clients keep coming back to us because they know we’ll tell them what they need to hear. And they know there will be no surprises.
Success stories
Get to know our
for success
We get to know the client and its
needs and we analyze the solutions
Our team of specialists
tests and implements a solution
Thanks to clearly defined goals,
we know when we have succeeded
Top clients
We’re the main provider of IT services to Generali’s Polish unit. We’ve been working with them since 2006, building dozens of modules, including the main systems that power their operations. We now work for Generali on an outsourcing basis, providing programmers, analysts and testers for a number of projects, including some where they play key roles.Thanks to the trust we've built with Generali over the years, they hired us to handle the merger of Generali and Proama’s systems, which we completed successfully. We were also responsible for the integration of their Generali Życie life-insurance unit, and Concordia Capital – another success.
We were selected by Mulesoft to start a Polish software center, and were asked to continued working with the company after its acquisition by Salesforce. Because of our insurance know-how, we’ve been assigned to integrate Mulesoft’s ESB with Guidewire. We work with Salesforce using the Team Leasing model – we take full responsibility for building the team and managing the project, reporting every few days.
We’re responsible for the key systems that support sales for Allianz’s Polish operations, along with the product catalog, the pricing engine and sales campaigns. We designed and implemented the architecture for the sales portal, including not only web-based tools for agents, but also replacement of the product module. Our solution helped Allianz slash time-to-market, allowing a vast range of business initiatives to be implemented without engaging the IT department. About 15 of our programmers and analysts are working with Allianz at any given time.
We’re the main supplier of software tools for Talanx’s Polish insurance unit, Warta. The sales portal we built is the primary web interface for agents selling Talanx policies; it has modules for property and life, a 360 degree client view and an ODS data management system. Since implementation, almost all of the company’s processes are now online and automated. At least 20 Decerto employees are working with Talanx at any given time, and as many as 50 depending on the intensity of the work. We build new modules, develop existing ones and provide system maintenance in the production environment.
We’ve been an outsourcing partner for gaming company IGT and its predecessor GTECH since 2012. Decerto provides programmers who work on gaming systems and support games of chance, working closely with the company’s Boston-based architects every day. Since the start of the relationship we’ve worked based on a framework agreement rather than project by project, and we’re valued for our ability to provide highly qualified specialists. Over the years we’ve built a deep relationship founded on trust.
For more than a decade we’ve been an outsourcing partner for PZU, Central Europe’s largest insurer. The company is running multiple projects at any time and constantly has high but rapidly shifting demand for programming and analytical talent. For this client, reaction time is key. We’re one of several suppliers, and whenever we receive an inquiry about programmers, analysts or testers, we respond with a list of several candidates, from which PZU chooses the ones that fit best. Dozens of our programmers have worked with PZU.
Meet our management board. Five of the six members are co-owners and co-founders. Our leaders wear many hats: they handle key account clients, manage projects and inspire the team. From time to time, they still work as solution architects, or create application code.
Piotr Biedacha
Piotr has been with Decerto since 2007, the year after it was founded. He has extensive experience in CRM implementation, marketing campaigns, workflow solutions and advanced front-end portals for customer service, working with clients from the insurance, telecom and media sectors. Piotr holds a degree in software engineering and IT systems from the Warsaw University of Technology and completed postgraduate studies in management at the Warsaw School of Economics.
Piotr Sikora
Board Member
Piotr co-founded Decerto in 2006, after beginning his career as a programmer in 2002. He is the architect of a wide range of telecommunications projects (telco, data and DTH). In his role on the board, Piotr is in charge of finance and administration. He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and IT at the Gdańsk University of Technology.
Marcin Nowak
Board Member
Marcin co-founded Decerto in 2006, after starting his career as a programmer and project manager five years earlier. He’s responsible for managing key projects, with a focus on non-life insurance and sales systems, as well as recruitment processes and employer branding. He holds a degree in computer engineering and an MBA, both from the Warsaw University of Technology.
Marcin Nagórka
Board Member
Marcin is another co-founder of Decerto, where he has gained extensive experience in implementation of logistics, CRM and workflow solutions, and advanced front-end portals for customer service. He began working as a programmer in 2003, becoming a project manager a year later. Marcin also has experience in creating and integrating complex transactional systems.
Janusz Januszkiewicz
Board Member
Janusz has been with Decerto since 2007, the year after it was founded. He began his career building CRM systems for a leading telecoms operator, and now specializes in complex insurance product systems and sales portals; he has deep knowledge of life and group insurance. He holds a degree in electronics and IT from the Warsaw University of Technology and completed postgraduate studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. Janusz is particularly interested in employee motivation and soft managerial skills.
Aneta Gajek-WiŚniewska
Board Member
Aneta joined Decerto in 2015. She manages key projects and works on standardizing internal processes, as well as employee development and employer branding. Before joining the company, she spent more than 15 years in the insurance industry, managing product pricing and development, underwriting and customer-service departments. Aneta holds a degree in mathematics for insurance from the University of Warsaw and an MBA from Kozminski University.
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Our story
We’ve always chosen our clients carefully, looking for challenges and focusing on quality rather than grabbing as many projects as possible. Today Decerto employs more than 150 IT specialists who work for the long-term clients we’re proud to serve.
Six people set up Decerto, winning contracts with Generali, the local unit of NCR and Cyfrowy Polsat, Central Europe’s largest digital TV provider. The company grows to 20 people within a year.
Decerto employs about 40 people. Top projects include an extensive logistics system to manage distribution of set-top boxes and digital TV cards.
Decerto adds Aviva and top Polish insurer PZU as clients, while continuing to work with Cyfrowy Polsat and Generali. The company works on products for group life insurance and individual insurance, and builds a tool for large-scale data migration.
Decerto’s 70 employees service more than 10 clients, now including Allianz, in insurance, media and gaming. Sales portals and other tools for insurance agents are prominent in the product portfolio. Decerto creates its first proprietary system and a mobile app.
Tightening its focus on the insurance market, Decerto adds advisory services; pulls back from mobile apps to refocus on front-end and back-end office solutions; and adds ING Życie (today Nationale Nederlanden) as a client.
Decerto and its 100 employees continue winning tenders for sales platforms and policy systems. The company releases Hyperon, the latest version of its system for modeling financial products and parameterizing business processes, and expands into foreign markets.
Decerto wins a large contract with Warta, the third-largest Polish insurer, and starts working with Aegon and the Cardif unit of BNP Paribas.
Decerto employs over 150 IT professionals and wins its first Clutch Award for the TOP B2B company.
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