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Test our Data Migrator to experience a proven approach for insurance data migration from one system to another. Let us support you in transforming your IT architecture and insurance data migration project.
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Key business

Enhanced Data
Guarantee of Data Security During Data Migration Process
Seamless Transferring Data
Full Control of Data Migration Process
Smooth Transfering Data for
Extensive Data Volumes
Seamlessly transfer large volumes of data between your insurance data systems.
The data migration can be completed swiftly within a short timeframe, for instance, just one to two days. This efficiency allows for the entire insurance data migration process to be conveniently scheduled over weekends or during public holidays.

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Improvement of Business data quality – Upgrade the quality of your Migrate data
Our insurance solution to successful migration is designed to seamlessly analyze, transform, and convert its structure into the desired target format. We work by insurance data migration strategy.
Our insurance software to insurance data migrations identifies data inconsistencies and streamlines the data cleaning process by rectifying poor data, ensuring business data consistency, and generating missing data wherever possible. This is a comprehensive insurance data migration project.
Our solution ensures data consistency

Full control of Insurance Data migration process

Know the results before the final migration and monitor the whole insurance data migration projects.
Data Migrator contains advanced tools for migration process control. At each stage of data migrations, you maintain full control, overseeing the entire process, its status, and the final results. You have access to the entire insurance data migration plan.  
Our data migration tools provide insights and enable the generation of reports to track the quality of the transferred data as well as the number of errors or their types. It allows you to follow the all migration process by monitoring data transfer statistics until its completion.
Customers have full control of the data migration process
Data Migration:
Key Technology Features
Maximizing Data Migration Security
Our focus on data security includes preventing customer data accumulation in logs, encrypting sensitive information in transmitted messages, and using secure login methods like Single Sign-On (SSO) and OAuth2. Your connections to our applications are encrypted, providing extra security. Independent security audits consistently rate our database software.
Scalability Data Migration Solution
Our products are built to be stateless or synchronize their state using external tools like databases or queues. This architecture allows for effortless deployment of multiple instances of each module. Leveraging tools like Kubernetes, we dynamically control the number of instances based on the system load, ensuring efficient scaling as per demand.
Performance all data migration process
We eliminate waiting times and deliver near-instant operations that were previously time-consuming. Operating according to a predetermined data migration plan allows us to create an excellent user experience.
Quick and seamless transfer data with big volumes
Migrate your large data efficiently and successfully in a short time.
Upgraded data quality and ensured data accuracy and integrity
Correct your data before uploading it to the target system.
100% data migration effectiveness
Our data migration process guarantees full effectiveness. Our data migration specialists testing repeatedly to ensure all data functions correctly in the new system before the final transfer.
Process of transferring data data under controls
Follow the performance at each stage of data migration with our tools and reports.
Saved costs on investigating the source system
Save time and resources by eliminating the necessity to focus on a system that won't be used after data migration. Enjoy a seamless transition and significant cost savings.


We guarantee 100% data migration effectiveness
Minimizes know-how of the source system needed for migration
Case Study
Janusz Januszkiewicz
Członek Zarządu
We’re the main provider of IT services to Generali’s Polish unit. We’ve been working with them since 2006, building dozens of modules, including the main systems that power their operations... Show more
Janusz Januszkiewicz
Członek Zarządu
We’re the main provider of IT services to Generali’s Polish unit. We’ve been working with them since 2006, building dozens of modules, including the main systems that power their operations... Show more
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asked questions
What is Data Migrator and what is its purpose?
Data Migrator is a tool created by Decerto that enables secure and efficient data migration between different insurance systems. It is used for transferring, integrating, and consolidating data, minimizing the risk of data loss and ensuring data integrity.
What are the main features of Data Migrator?
Data Migrator offers features such as data analysis and mapping, automation of data migration processes, data validation, data migration result reporting, and integration with other insurance systems.
What are the benefits of using Data Migrator?
The benefits of using Data Migrator include increased efficiency in the data migration process, minimization of data loss risk, improvement in data quality, reduction of migration time, and cost reduction associated with manual data transfer.
What is the process of implementing Data Migrator?
The implementation process of Data Migrator involves several stages: needs analysis, preparation of technical infrastructure, system configuration and customization, data migration, testing, and full deployment. Our team of experts supports clients at every stage to ensure a successful implementation.
What are the costs of data migration?
The costs of using Data Migrator depend on several factors, such as the amount of data to be migrated, the complexity of the process, and specific integration requirements. Please contact our sales team for a detailed quote and to learn more about our pricing plans.
What security measures are used in Data Migrator?
Data Migrator employs the latest security technologies, such as data encryption, secure login, regular security audits, and compliance with international data security standards, to ensure maximum data protection during data migration.
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