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Simplify and automate insurance policy operations with our  insurance software, enabling you to efficiently manage policies, optimize workflows and store policy data in a structured and easily accessible manner.

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Enhanced Insurance Data Quality
Seamless Transfer
Full Control of Insurance Process
4 Modules Policy Administration System That You Buy Together Or Separately
We offer our insurance software - Policy Administration System - as all-in-one solution or a solution with selected modules: Policy Processor, Policy Register, Policy Service Module and Payment Module separately. We can customize our solution for insurance to suit your specific needs and business goals, as well as to incorporate new functionalities. You can choose to configure for Life insurance or P&C insurance or both.
Insurance Software: Policy Processor
Manage your policy processes in an efficient and ordered manner.
Seamless manage insurance policy processes
Our insurance software - Policy Processor - is designed to run all the policy tasks throughout the policy lifecycle.
Its policy processing architecture is transparent due to concept of events. Every action, operation, and change in policies is represented as an event, which has its own cause and effect chain. As a result, policy processes are structured and can be modified or extended. Policy processing, policy reversal and policy reprocessing are very intuitive.
Our insurance software includes all standard policy processes, such as policy application, generation, endorsements, modifications, payments, and more. These can be customized to meet specific requirements, with new processes added with ease.
The insurance software fosters automation. Users can easily configure which operations or processes will be run automatically.
Our Policy Processor generates log entries resulting from policy processing and sends them to the subledger.

Insurance Software: Policy Register

Store all insurance policy information in one place.
Our insurance software serves as a centralized repository that captures all application and policy data and important events that occur throughout the policy lifecycle, such as policy issuing, renewal, changes, approvals, payments, cancellations, terminations and agent changes.
The register reflects not only the current status, but also historical policy changes.
The insurance software is designed to be the only source of policy information, making it easier to manage policies.
Store all insurance policy data in one place
Insurance Software: Policy Service Module
Administer your policies smoothly.
Manage insurance products smoothly
Our insurance software is a user-friendly tool for insurance industry that allows your back-office staff to manage policies and perform all related operations directly in our Policy Administration System.
It enables users to create and graphically configure workflow processes that guide and support your operations team.
The insurance software allows for task automation and customization, catering to diverse products, clients, and specific requirements.
Our insurance software supports the definition of different roles and authorization levels to ensure not only security and compliance, but also workflow efficiency.

Insurance Software: Payment Module

Pay your liabilities automatically.
Our insurance software automatically collects and prepares all required data for payment.
It includes transaction management functions for viewing, controlling and authorizing payments both manually and automatically.
The insurance software can be easily integrated with banking and payment systems via API. It can also generate static files if needed.
Our insurance software can also generate a list of journal entries for subledger.
Automatically collect payments
Additional modules that can be incorporated
into Policy Administration System:
Sales Distribution
Management Module
Manage insurance sales with centralized registration and management of distributors and their structure.
Insurance Product Configurator
Simplify and accelerate the deployment, modification, customization, and management of the insurance product offer.
Insurance Pricing Configurator
Streamline the pricing process by enabling efficient deployment, modification, calculatation, and management of prices.
Insurance Underwriting
Give users the ability to define, implement, automate, and centralize underwriting rules.
Improved productivity
Increase operational efficiency by reducing manual insurance processes, automating tasks, and streamlining workflows.
Enhanced service delivery
Reduce insurance processing time and improve service quality by automating and customizing workflow planning.
Customization and user-friendliness
Benefit from configurable and intuitive insurance tools that can be easily tailored to user needs and specific requirements.
Easy integration with other systems
Ensure seamless data exchange, better process coordination, and system efficiency with easy integration with other systems and applications.
Centralization and data integrity
Provide a single centralized and structured source of policy data, making it easy to monitor and manage policies throughout their lifecycle.
Short time to market
Configure your insurance processes in all phases of operations quickly and efficiently, adapting them to changing circumstances.
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Janusz Januszkiewicz
Członek Zarządu
We’re the main provider of IT services to Generali’s Polish unit. We’ve been working with them since 2006, building dozens of modules, including the main systems that power their operations... Show more
Janusz Januszkiewicz
Członek Zarządu
We’re the main provider of IT services to Generali’s Polish unit. We’ve been working with them since 2006, building dozens of modules, including the main systems that power their operations... Show more
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asked questions
What is the Policy Administration System (PAS) and what are its main functions?
The Policy Administration System (PAS) from Decerto is an advanced insurance tool for managing insurance policies. It offers functions such as creating and managing insurance policies, automating policy renewal processes, handling policy changes, managing claims, and generating reports and analyses.
What are the benefits of implementing the Policy Administration System?
The benefits of implementing the Policy Administration System include increased operational efficiency through process automation, reduced customer service time, improved data accuracy and error reduction, better management of the policy lifecycle, and increased customer satisfaction through faster and more personalized service.
Can the Policy Administration System be integrated with existing insurance systems?
Yes, the Policy Administration System is designed to easily integrate with other insurance systems such as CRM systems, claims management systems, and other tools used by insurance companies.
What is the process for implementing the Policy Administration System?
The implementation process for the Policy Administration System involves several stages. Our team of experts supports insurers at every stage to ensure a successful implementation.
What are the costs of using the Policy Administration System?
The costs of using the insurance software depend on several factors, such as the number of users, the range of functions, and specific integration requirements. Please contact our sales team to obtain a detailed quote and learn more about our pricing plans.
Do you offer technical support after the implementation of the Policy Administration System?
Yes, we provide full technical support after the implementation of the insurance software. Our technical support team is available to help resolve issues, answer questions, and provide system updates and maintenance to ensure its optimal performance.
What security measures are applied in the Policy Administration System?
The insurance software uses the latest security technologies, such as data encryption, secure login, regular security audits, and compliance with international data security standards, to ensure maximum protection of clients' data for insurance companies.
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