Insurance Software:
Fast Quote

Get quickly a quote insurance products entering the minimum amount of data, without changing your pricing algorithms. Our record is only 2 data entries, which are sufficient to make a full calculation and to provide binding offers within seconds.

Key business

Minimize insurance data entry
Insurance quotes in seconds
Better insurance customer experience
Seamless Insurance data sourcing
Experience the benefits of leveraging existing data sources.
Seamless Data Sourcing
Our insurance software for insurance industry is based on our belief that most of the data is available and we need only to find them not bothering your insurance agent or client. The only challenge is to find the official and reliable external and internal sources and the way to obtain them.
In out insurance software we use advanced algorithms in order to extract remaining real-time data, integrate and ensure the highest quality by applying dictionaries, business rules and other data reconciliation procedures.

Insurance Software: Fast Premium Insurance Calculation

Calculate prices quickly requiring minimum information from your client or insurance professionals.
With all the essential data at hand, our insurance software for insurance employs advanced pricing algorithms and customer segmentation procedures to swiftly calculate premiums.
See our Insurance Pricing Configurator
We focus on providing all the data that is needed by your pricing team as we know how important rating factors are.
Fast Premium Calculation
Quick presentation
of binding offers
Provide your insurance offers within seconds.
Fas Quote Quick Presentation
Within seconds we can present the proposal of a few different insurance offers to your client or insurance agent.
Since we place great emphasis that the data is from official and reliable sources, the offers can be binding.
Key Technology
Maximizing Security
Our focus on data security includes preventing clients data accumulation in logs, encrypting sensitive information in transmitted messages, and using secure login methods like Single Sign-On (SSO) and OAuth2. Your connections to our applications are encrypted, providing extra security.
Insurance Omnichannel
To meet client needs, our insurance software is designed for easy expansion to new insurance sales channels. We swiftly integrate with multiple insurance agencies and support direct sales. Our adaptable approach lets us adjust sales forms or create new interfaces, integrating seamlessly with backend services through APIs. This ensures efficient reporting and analysis of product sales across various channels.
In designing insurance software, we ensure seamless external system communication, offering APIs in REST or SOAP based on needs. We provide these APIs in the OpenAPI standard with Swagger documentation. Prioritizing security, our APIs are safeguarded against unauthorized access using measures like Basic Auth, OAuth2, and OpenID Connect.
Binding offers in just a few seconds
You can quickly provide a few different binding insurance offers by requesting only minimal information.
Minimize insurance data entry
Our insurance software automatically delivers most of the required data, so you can minimize data entry up to two and save time for insurance sales agents and clients.
Shorter insurance sales process
You can save time for your insurance agents and clients. Most of the required data will be automatically delivered by our insurance software.
Omnichannel experience
You can integrate our insurance software with all your sales platforms. The process of selling can be continued in different sales channels.
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Janusz Januszkiewicz
Członek Zarządu
We’re the main provider of IT services to Generali’s Polish unit. We’ve been working with them since 2006, building dozens of modules, including the main systems that power their operations... Show more
Janusz Januszkiewicz
Członek Zarządu
We’re the main provider of IT services to Generali’s Polish unit. We’ve been working with them since 2006, building dozens of modules, including the main systems that power their operations... Show more
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asked questions
What is Fast Quote and what is its purpose?
Fast Quote is a tool developed by Decerto that enables the quick and accurate generation of insurance quotes. Its main purpose is to streamline the insurance quoting process, allowing agents and brokers to deliver offers to clients more efficiently.
What are the main features of Fast Quote?
Fast Quote offers features such as: automatic generation of insurance quotes, personalization of quotes based on client data, integration with insurance databases, risk analysis and premium calculation, generation of offer documents in PDF format.
What are the benefits of using Fast Quote?
The benefits of using insurance software include: reduced time needed to prepare a quote, increased efficiency for agents and brokers, improved accuracy of insurance quotes, better personalization of quotes based on individual client needs, enhanced customer satisfaction through faster service.
What are the technical requirements for implementing Fast Quote?
Implementing our insurance software requires appropriate technical infrastructure, including servers, databases, and the necessary software for integration with existing systems. Detailed technical requirements are tailored individually to the needs of each company.
What are the costs of using Fast Quote?
The costs of using insurance software depend on several factors, such as the number of users, the scope of functions, and specific integration requirements. Please contact our sales team to get a detailed quote and learn more about our pricing plans.
Do you offer technical support after implementing Fast Quote?
Yes, we provide full technical support after implementing our insurance solutions. Our technical support team is available to help resolve issues, answer questions, and provide system updates and maintenance to ensure its optimal performance.
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