Decerto Is A Partner Of The Wizards Of Code Initiative

October 19, 2023
Czarodzieje Kodu

On October 21, the Warsaw edition Wizards of Code will take place—anexciting, free workshop for the youngest enthusiasts. Children will have theopportunity to delve into the fascinating world of robotics, electronics, 3Dprinting, programming, and artificial intelligence.

These full-day programming workshops annually bring together 120 childrenaged 6-14. During the sessions, the youngest participants will learn the basicsof robotics, electronics, programming, and the secrets of 3D printing. Throughplay, they acquire knowledge, technical skills, and develop competencies inlogical thinking and creativity. The workshops are conducted by experiencedprogrammers under the guidance of Marcin Nowak.

Marcin Nowak, Board Member of Decerto said:

"The organizers, supervisors, and speakers are passionate individualswith immense energy. I encourage you to experience this energy firsthand duringthe workshops. I have led many sessions, but each time I am amazed by thecreativity and unconventional ideas of young people. It is a great pleasure towitness the birth of talents and the development of their creativity andpassion for programming".

This year's Code Wizards will cover three main thematic areas: robotics,programming with elements of artificial intelligence, and 3D printing.

In the robotics-focused block, children will get to know mBot, Photon, andScottie Go. The program includes activities such as sensor control, receivingand analyzing data from the environment, and programming the Scottie robot. Theaim of the sessions is to develop children's technical and logical skills.

In the programming block, the organizers have planned, Micro:bit,and neural networks. Workshops will uncover the fascinating world ofelectronics and programming for children. The program includes learning aboutsequences, loops, conditions, programming to control light, sounds, andinteractions, as well as an introduction to neural networks—the basics ofartificial intelligence and programming.

In the final thematic block, children will be introduced to the world of 3Dprinting. During the sessions, the youngest participants will have theopportunity to design unique objects using 3D design software and print them.This is an opportunity for play and the development of technical skills.

The event is organized as part of volunteering and is entirely free forparticipants. Event details are available on the organizer's website:

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