Decerto Team at the IT Job Fair

March 1, 2024

We are kicking off 2024 by participating in the IT Job Fair organized at the Warsaw University of Technology. This year's event will take place on March 7th and will gather nearly 2500 attendees.

The IT Job Fair in Warsaw is the largest job fair tailored for students specializing in computer science, mathematics, data science, quantitative methods, and telecommunications.

Monika Kordecka-Słomczyńska, HR Director at Decerto, said:

I highly value the time when I can meet face to face with young individuals, understand their expectations, and discuss any concerns or uncertainties related to entering the workforce. This in-person interaction is also an opportunity to convey information about our work culture, technologies, and typical requirements for candidates at Decerto. Conversations with students during the Fair are extremely valuable to me because, as recruiters, we can listen and comprehend the preferences of the younger generation, simultaneously adjusting our recruitment processes to changing trends and market expectations.

You can already familiarize yourself with the benefits and ongoing recruitment processes on our Careers page.

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