The Wizards of Code are Coming to Rzeszów!

May 29, 2024

On June 8th, the next edition of the Wizards of Code - a free workshop for kids - will take place. Children will have the opportunity to enter the fascinating world of robotics, electronics, and programming.

The upcoming Rzeszów edition of the Wizards of Code will be held on June 8th at I LO in Rzeszów. These full-day programming workshops annually gather hundreds of children aged 6-12 in Poland’s largest cities - Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław. During the sessions, the youngest participants will learn the basics of robotics, electronics, and programming. Through play, they will gain knowledge, technical skills, and develop competencies in logical thinking and creativity.

"The organizers, supervisors, and speakers are passionate individuals with boundless energy. I encourage everyone to experience this energy firsthand during the workshops. I’ve conducted many sessions, but each time I am amazed by the creativity and unconventional ideas of young minds. It’s a great pleasure to witness the emergence of talents and the development of their creativity and passion for programming," says Marcin Nowak, the event initiator and owner of Decerto.

The Rzeszów Wizards of Code will focus on two main thematic areas: robotics and programming.

In the robotics block, children will get to know mBot, Photon, and Scottie Go. The program includes controlling sensors, receiving and analyzing environmental data, and programming the Scottie robot. These activities aim to develop children's technical and logical skills.

In the programming block, organizers have planned sessions on, Micro, and neural networks. The workshops will introduce children to the fascinating world of electronics and programming. The program includes learning about sequences, loops, conditions, and programming to control light, sounds, and interactions.

The event is organized as a volunteer effort and is completely free for participants. The Rzeszów edition is limited to 96 spots, and tickets can already be obtained on the organizer's website:

See you in Rzeszów!

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